Shoreline recession calculator

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Shoreline Recession v1 - Bruun Calculation

The tool applies the simple Bruun Model to calculate shoreline recession due to a rise in sea-level.

Model assumptions:

  • Two-dimensional profile normal to the shoreline: all net sediment transfers are onshore-offshore, i.e. no alongshore flux.
  • Profile in equilibrium with wave climatology, and physically composed of sand.
  • The material landward of the shoreline consists of easy erodible sand.
  1. Configuration

  2. Beach definition
  3. The cross-shore to closure distance, and the depth of closure represent the horizontal and vertical limits of nearshore sediment transport.

  4. Sea-level rise option
  5. Results

  6.   Average (m) 5% min (m) 95% max (m)
    IPCC sea-level rise: 0.1 0 0
    Shoreline recession: 10 0 0

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